What Women in Physics Accomplished in its second year...

This is a list of all of the events Women in Physics have hosted and participated in during its first year.
The hope is that this list will inspire and encourage other groups, as well as future groups of Women in Physics at the University of Illinois.

Quad Day
First Official Meeting of the year
Ice Cream Social
Colleges Against Cancer’s Dodge Ball Tournament
Host How to Get into Physics Graduate School Seminar
Host First “What Can you do with a physics degree” Seminar
Study Break
Curtis Social
Physics Van Training Session
Host “A PhD is not Enough”
Physoc/Van/SWIP Halloween Party
Study Break
Girl Scout Physics Van Show
Attend SPS Congress 2008
Study Break
Holiday Dinner
Relay for Life Kick-Off
Coffee Crawl

What Women in Physics Accomplished in its first year...

August 31
Women in Physics is founded and registered as an official Registered Student Organization on Campus
September 17
First Official Meeting
September 23
Colleges Against Cancer’s Dodge Ball tournament
October 15
Lecture about the advancement of Women in Science by Virginia Valian
October 17 & 19
Raised $170 canning on the quad from 11-2 for Relay for Life
October 24
Decide to “flood” Physics 470 and get as many women as possible to register for the course.
The board makes an announcement in Physics 110 and receives the names of all of the freshman females in the department to add to the list.
November 1
Women in Physics T-Shirts ordered
November 9
Tour of Nadia Mason’s Lab (condensed matter physics)
November 14
How to Get into Physics Grad School Seminar with 60 attendees
December 3
Register for the 1st Midwest Women in Physics Conference held at University of Michigan.
Begin plans for little sister weekend
December 8
Women in Physics Study/Coffee Crawl from 9AM-11PM
January 12-13
The First Midwest Women in Physics Conference is held at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. University of Illinois has the highest attendance of any other school present.
April 3-5
Little Sister weekend–prospective undergraduate students are hosted and introduced to the University.
April 4
Several members meet with prospective students at the department’s undergraduate recruitment day
April 18-19
Relay for Life
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